Do I need to take a COVID-19 test to get to or from Tulum?


 For your trip to Mexico, a test for COVID is not necessary.

 Countries such as the United States, Canada and Brazil are required to have a PCR test.

 If by the festival date is still necessary, we will make available to our customers the addresses of clinics for the test.  As well as the same can be done at the airport of Cancun with a result of 24 to 48 hours.


Will events happen normally in Tulum?


Mexico is one of the few countries that is open to tourism, events are taking place in the Country respecting all the current norms for protection against the virus, such as the use of a mask, social distance and gel alcohol available to all customers.  Our event will follow all CDC protocols in force on the date of the event.


If the event is changed or canceled what should I do?


If the event is changed, we will transfer all tickets to the new date, and if the event is canceled for any reason related to COVID, the customer can request for a full refund.


 Should I have travel insurance?


 Even though it is not mandatory, we recommend people to buy travel insurance for safety and protection during the trip. Insurances can be purchased online, or at your bank with values starting at R$ 100 reais per person.


 Where should I stay?


We will soon announce the event's official hotel, but Tulum has several options of high quality hotels. We recommend staying in Tulum's hotel area, in order to have easy access to the beach, local shops, and our parties.


 About the event

How many parties can I access with the purchase of my bracelet (ticket)?

On total there will be 7 parties. The big opening party will be on Thursday night so that everyone can have fun, but also be able to rest from the trip and enjoy the village itself.  On Friday and Saturday we will have 2 parties during the day and night, from 2pm to 10pm and from 12am to 07am.  On Sunday morning we will have a pool party from 7am to 1pm (the main party space is next to the closing party space).  And on Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 10 pm we will have the last beach party. 

Soon we will announce the location of the party.


 Is alcoholic beverage included?


 The ticket guarantees the entrance pass for all parties, alcoholic beverages and food are not included.  All events will have a bar and snack services for customers.

Alcoholic beverages only for 18 years old and over.



About Tulum


How do I get to Tulum?


We will soon offer transfer booking service from the airport to Tulum and Tulum to the airport. The price per section will be $50 dollars with a duration of 1:30min.

Another option would be to take a taxi (a more expensive option) or rent a car (which is not advisable as Tulum suffers from a lot of traffic on its main avenue and high parking prices).


Is Tulum expensive?


Tulum can be one of the most expensive trips of your life, because it is where most of the expensive restaurants, beach clubs, boutiques and hotels are located.  But, the village also has supermarkets, inns, basic restaurants ($10 dollars an executive lunch), downtown and a whole economic tourism options, so you decide how much you want to spend!




 You can exchange dollars for Mexican pesos in different parts of the city, as well as using your credit card, most establishments also accept dollars.




 You can find several flight options from cities like Miami, New York, Mexico City, among others, at an affordable price.  The airport that gives access to Tulum is Cancun.


 How will the temperature be?


 November is the best time to visit Tulum, with falling temperatures, reduced humidity, and the return of the dry season.  Temperatures average 25 ° C, with clear sunny days a majority of the month.  Night time temperatures remain comfortable, as in the ocean temps.